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About Us


The genesis of the name Gorilla Movers hearkens back to the founders early days in the moving industry when working with a handful of other elite professionals. This particular group of movers continually executed move after move in spectacular fashion often with tremendous feats of strength. In the spirit of teamwork and brotherhood the Rank and Title of a Gorilla mover was birthed. The ultimate essence of the Gorilla mover label is strength, service and intelligence. To recieve this status one must be strong enough to lift the ‘heavy items’, smart enough to navigate them properly, and kind enough to do it all graciously. Once in the Gorilla squad, one could continue on to some day achieve the coveted Silver Back status.

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Why choose gorilla movers, LLC for your next move?

The moving vans

What makes a true “MovingVan”?

Design: Made specifically for moving, with doors located on all sides, proper lighting for working after hours, and movable ramps for quick loading and unloading of truck.

Full Cubic foot capacity made to hold as many of your belongings as possible. Our customers save money when we can take fewer trips.
The above the cab attic adds extra space for odd size and fragile pieces. quick loading of truck.


Our trucks are equipped with all the equipment necessary for your move.

Box dollies, appliance dollies and 4 wheel dollies help increase the movers’ efficiency.

Each truck has 200+ thick moving blankets for wrapping all furniture and fragile items.

Rubber bands, tape, and shrink wrap to secure pads to the furniture.
Standard tool set for furniture disassembly and removal of doors.
Straps and bungees to secure your belongings in the truck.

The gorillas

Gorilla Movers takes great pride in being the premier moving company in the San Diego area, as well as boasting the best and hardest working movers (Gorillas) in the business.

Our goal is to help your move be as carefree and comforting as possible. Whether it’s residential or commercial moving, we’ll be fast, efficient and careful to ensure your belongings reach their new destination safely.

We’ve built our first-class reputation on providing the most cost-efficient and stress-free services in the San Diego area.

Award winning customer service

Customer service is our No. 1 priority on moves.

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce named Gorilla Movers as a 2010 finalist for “Excellence in Customer Service.”

We cater to our customers’ needs and their belongings. If the move goes smoothly and stress free for our customers, it goes smoothly for us. To ensure this happens consistently, all Gorilla Movers must pass a strict training course.

We are not a discount, half rate moving company.
We are Professional Movers working with each customer
to get the job done right.

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