Relocating to or from San Diego can be an overwhelming process. You‘re thinking about transportation, cleaning your new or old place, and all the equipment you need for that. You have a lot of tasks on your list and you’re afraid you’ll forget something important to pack. This is why a helping hand of professional movers can save your day. 

While they think of other aspects of moving, you’ll have time to think of what you want to pack and what you’ll get rid of. When having plenty of work to do, organization is key. That’s why making a moving checklist is a good way of preparing for this process, and we’ve devised one for you. Keep reading!

Is there a checklist for moving?

Absolutely. Making a checklist is an ultimate way of ensuring you don’t miss anything. You’ll compile it in advance so you know exactly what to pack and what not to pack.

What should I pack first when moving?

In order to start packing as soon as possible, you should first focus on packing the things you use the least. Start from the less used rooms such as the garage, attic, basement, and other storage spaces. The things we store are probably the things we don’t use that often. You can also empty the junk drawers, as they contain occasionally used items. 

Focus on clothes, items and decorations that are out of season. Pack the things that aren’t necessary for the move or for everyday routine. For example, pack all the clothes you plan to keep, leave only the clothes you’ll need during the move. Let’s see what items you can focus on first:

  • Storage items (only what you’ll really use)
  • Out-of season clothes and shoes
  • Holiday decorations
  • Least used appliances
  • Books, artwork, media, photographs
  • Extra clothes, towels, linens and bedding
  • Jewelry and collectors items
  • Junk drawers
  • Fine china and rare used dishes
  • Medicine
  • Curtains and rugs
  • Tools
  • Electronic devices  

What should you not pack when moving?

There are certain things you shouldn’t pack when relocating. These are the things you won’t use or haven’t used in a long time. Take this opportunity to get rid of all unused, old or damaged items. Apart from that, you should avoid packing things that can be potentially hazardous or flammable and damage the rest of your belongings in transportation. 

Keep your valuables, as well as important documents near you. Your pets and plants shouldn’t be in the moving truck, as they’ll lack air and light. You should also consult with your professional crew, as there are certain things they won’t consider packing. Let’s see what you should avoid packing:

  • Household cleaners
  • Garden chemicals
  • Perishable items (especially food)
  • Car batteries
  • Important documents (especially moving documents)
  • Lighter fluid
  • Old, broken, or unused items (furniture, bedding, clothes. etc.)
  • Pets and plants
  • Out-of-date items
  • Compressed gasses and poisons
  • Paints and nail polish
  • Fireworks and matches
  • Jewelry
  • Cash 
What should you not pack when moving

Where in San Diego and the surrounding area can I find reliable and trusted movers?

Whether you’re moving to or from the Kellogg Park area or somewhere in the vicinity, you can rely on Gorilla Movers to take the stress out of your relocation process. With years of experience and professional technicians, along with quality moving and packing equipment, we have everything necessary for a successful relocation. We’ll pack, unpack, load, and unload your personal belongings with utmost care and attention

We thoroughly plan every step of the process and follow all safety measures for your peace of mind. Give us a call today or ask for a free estimate.