Relocating to a new office is a major event that requires a lot of organization and micromanagement. Thanks to the advancement of technology, office spaces are equipped with a diverse range of electronics. They aren’t just invaluable for your workflow, but also quite expensive so you don’t want to damage them. 

Paying special attention to these belongings is of utmost importance for ensuring a stress-free relocation without breakages and extra costs. For this reason, many business owners opt to hire experienced business movers in San Diego with numerous office relocations under their belts.

Until you decide who will assist you on your big moving day, we’ve prepared an article that will significantly help you learn how to secure your electronics while packing

How do you pack electronics when moving?

Office electronics are very fragile and require competent packing and relocation. This is why you should be very careful when handling and packing them. To make your life easier during the business relocation, follow the instructions below:

Back up important data

While taking an effort to protect your devices, don’t forget to secure your data, too. Before you unplug your equipment, back up all your office data to cloud storage or an external hard drive in order to protect it in the unlikely case that some of your items get damaged irreversibly. This is an essential step which ensures business continuity and your peace of mind.

Remove batteries and cartridges

Remove the batteries from your remotes and accessories before you start your relocation. They can corrode, leak, overheat, and do a lot of damage to your electronics during your move. Make sure to pair them with their device so you can assemble all your electronics more easily once you finish your relocation. Also, remove the cartridges, place them in a dust-free container, and put them next to the printers.

Go through the user manual

You also need to go through the manufacturer’s manual. Every device comes with distinct instructions for safe packing and storage. You can find information about the level of moisture exposure, advisable temperatures, sunlight exposure, packing methods, and others. This will help you avoid making mistakes when packing for your relocation and damaging your belongings.

Carefully sort out items

Your electronics should be carefully sorted per the room or desk they were from. Create an outline of all the devices you’ll bring with you and place every item in a separate bag or use bubble wrap. Unplug all of the cables and color code them so you know what device they belong to. You can also make sure they go in the same box as their electronic device. This way the unpacking will transpire without a hitch.

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Where can I hire reputable business movers in San Diego and the region?

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